Festival FAQ

How does pre-registration work?2024-01-10T12:17:07+00:00

Please sign up via the pre-register form here. On January 30 you will receive an email with your personal ticket link granting acces to our presale. Presale starts on January 30, 12 PM CET. As previous Audio Obscura events sold out in a matter of days, we advise to sign up now in order to get a chance at tickets to Audio Obscura Festival.

How do I get tickets for Audio Obscura Festival?2023-12-13T10:34:11+00:00

Make sure to sign up for the presale here to get first access to tickets. Presale will start on January 30th, 2024 (12:00 pm CET).

When will Audio Obscura Festival take place?2023-12-12T18:36:58+00:00

The festival is a daytime event that will take place on Saturday, August 24, 2024.

Where will Audio Obscura Festival take place?2023-12-13T14:17:46+00:00

Audio Obscura Festival will take place at Van Nelle Fabriek, located on the Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC Rotterdam. Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam, Van Nelle Fabriek is a symbol of industrial heritage and pioneering innovation: the perfect setting for Audio Obscura’s fusion of music, art and architecture.

What is Van Nelle Fabriek?2023-12-13T10:09:25+00:00

Van Nelle Fabriek, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Rotterdam, stands as a testament to Dutch industrial design and creative spirit. This architectural marvel, with its diagonal transport bridges serving as the musical heart of the festival, perfectly embodies the essence of our upcoming summer festival.

After the resounding success of our debut event with Black Coffee in 2022, Van Nelle Fabriek has proven to be an ideal canvas for Audio Obscura’s vision, merging historical significance with contemporary musical innovation. This site’s blend of industrial aesthetics and cultural heritage is set to elevate our festival experience, continuing the legacy of delivering extraordinary events in extraordinary spaces.

Is Audio Obscura Festival taking place outdoors?2023-12-13T14:16:13+00:00

Yes! The festival will host multiple stages outside and inside at Van Nelle Fabriek. 

Is Audio Obscura Festival an 18+ event?2023-12-13T10:11:22+00:00

Yes, you need to be 18+ to enter Audio Obscura Festival. You may be asked to show identification when entering the festival site.

I have other questions2023-12-12T17:14:06+00:00

Sure, please fill in the contact form and we will take a look into your inquiry.

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